Origin of Jarvis - Ironman

Adaptation of artificial intelligence program Jarvis is from Edwin Jarvis butler of Tony Stark.
Because of popularity of Iron Man everything related to him is very interesting and popular. whether its his personality ,weapons , armour or new technology 
Everyone wants to know more about him
Today here we will  talk about a important part of Iron Man "Jarvis" so I will talk about some interesting facts about Jarvis and its history name of Jarvis is not only Jarvis his full name is just a rather very intelligent system. 
It was developed by Tony Stark himself.
Initially it's was just like a talking AI which can manage some of his works .But with time it became more smart enough to works with thoughts of Tony .

The interesting facts about it is it's very intelligent everyone knows it .
But have ever a question came in your mind how does Ironman controls Iron Man suit how does suit knows when to fire and when to stop
In Ironman 1 you have Watched that to make suite work he install a software in it. Initially he has to give commands like in some motion or voice . IRONMAN  has to  give command for most of the  functions but now with the advancement of Jarvis everything works with his thoughts all this possible due to a highly intelligent artificial intelligence system. You can see in every Ironman appearance there is something new in his suits . They are better Everytime .
But in this post we will only talk about Jarvis That maybe for next time suits of Ironman .
In movie the voice for Jarvis was given by Paul bettany he also played role of vision (that's dead now)
Now coming to the history of Jarvis on basis of comics Jarvis was not artificial intelligence from beginning. He was a Butler of Stark family whose name was Edwin Jarvis this character was introduced in Iron Man public identity comic book and  TV  show agent Carter .
Edwin Jarvis  was not only a Butler of Stark family he was also important part of their family  after that after the death of Tony's parents Edvin was the only one who took care of Tony and after death of Edvin to give tribute to him he named is artificial intelligent on behalf of him this was the plan of comic writers because of Edwin Jarvis character was so much similar to Alfred which is Butler of Batman that would make the story of two superheroes so much similar. To solve this problem comic writers change the role of Edwin in form of Jarvis the main reason for this was the appearance of Iron man was too late than of Batman first appearance of Batman was 1959 and Iron man it's was 1963.
Jarvis was not only a program for Tony Stark it was his best friend who is with him to the last line by the way Jarvis never had felt any kind of emotions because he is a computer program but Tony always took him as a friend.
But if he was that good then why was his roll removed after Age Of Ultron?

The biggest reason for this can be when the vision was introduced. he was neither Jarvis no no Ultron he was mixture of both of them and power of Mind stone and the voice to Jarvis envision was the same so not to  create any confusion among fans Creators remove the role of Jarvis and introduced another AI Friday for Ironman armour.
one way role of Jarvis was forwarded to vision still he is not complete Jarvis we can say he is next version of him .
That's all I know about Jarvis. I have done this work in very less time . I want to know did you guys like this .
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