Mind stone is evil

Mind stone is evil

Mind stone is evil you would have thinking that it makes no sense but if you read the whole page  you might believe that .
So if you are a die hard Marvel fan and you have watched all Movies many times then you might have noticed that every time the Mind Stone is involved there is somebody who wants to kill everybody, or at least a great deal of people . Don't count vision in it.
Previous owners of mind stone Cosmic Entities - Thanos, Loki , S.H.I.E.L.D. , HYDRA , Avengers, Ultron , Vision
Currently -Thanos

“The mind stone has power to control people (as seen in Avengers with Barton).
Firstly, the mind stone was in possession of Thanos , and no one knows from where did he got it .
In the events of Avengers 2012 Thanos gives the Stone to Loki Which was attached to scepter and gave him control of Chitauri army.

“Loki had the Mind Stone and wanted to concur the Earth. Thor the whole time is confused about his behaviour. As the audience we don't think much but Thor acts like this is a big change.
Marvel has also revealed that Loki was in control of Mind Stone which was fueling his hatred towards earth and his brother .

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Now Shield (Hydra) was in possession of the Loki's Scepter And still No one Knows that Mind Stone in scepter . And Hydra is also involved in killing someone .

“Stark is compelled by Scarlett Witch (who got her powers from the Mind Stone) to make a Ultron. Ultron who came from the Mind Stone has only been alive for a few days and wants to kill everybody.

Vision is the only one carrying the stone and he doesn't want to kill. He is on the side of life.
“But in Civil War he is distracted and nearly kills War Machine. Also there was a conversation between 
Stark and Rogers about the elevator not being worthy - I feel like that is a hint.”
“In Infinity War, weapon of corvus claive was one that disabled the Visons's abilities like phasing through any object he seemed weaker the whole movie"
“My theory is that the Mind Stone is alive (Red Skull mentioned the Soul Stone was wiser then the others - [which] supports that the other stones have sapience), can see the future (as seen in the visions it gives) and saw its own destruction and set Thanos on the whole quest for the Gauntlet and killing off half the universe was just to reverse time and save it from destruction. Or it just hates life.
“The final proof that I want to show is a scene in Avengers when everyone is fighting (Rogers says without the suit, what are you), it pans to the sceptre (Mind Stone to imply that it was corrupting the team).
“I just remembered that when Thor comes to charge Vision in AOU he says that he has had a vision and at the center of all of it is that and he points at the mind stone then says that is an Infinity Stone. I feel this is a huge clue.”
Avengers 4 is out on April 26, 2019.